My Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch

Let me start off with saying that I’m tremendously excited for the Nintendo Switch. So excited that I’m hoping to get the Switch at launch sometime in March 2017. I have never gotten a Nintendo console (or any other console for that matter) at launch. The closest was waiting in line at Walmart in February 2007 for a Wii. I’m so excited that I’m pretty much trembling while simultaneously writing this blog post and looking up news about it.

This may sound stupid, but I’m literally moved to tears by this reveal. It’s so much better than I was expecting. This is Nintendo all grown up. This is what we hardcore Nintendo gamers have been wanting all this time. A sleek, modern console that plays the Nintendo franchises we grew up with like Mario and Zelda, but also has the power for more mature games like Skyrim. It’s the first time in a long, long time that really, truly looks like Nintendo can regain its throne as the definitive king of the gaming industry.

It’s great that the Switch is a hybrid handheld/console machine because Nintendo only has to devote resources to one platform rather than the traditional two. This also makes the Switch much more attractive for other developers such as EA, Bethesda, Square Enix, Ubisoft, and Take-Two, to name a few. My predictions for third party games likely to come to the Switch are Fallout 4 (Skyrim Remastered was shown in today’s reveal which is a very good sign), Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy VII Remastered, Beyond Good & Evil 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Mass Effect: Andromeda. I’m predicting ME:A because it has been delayed until March 2017 which is when the Switch is releasing. Coincidence? I doubt it.

As far as hardware specs go, we don’t know much. We know that NVIDIA made a custom Tegra processor for the Switch thanks to NVIDIA’s blog post, but that doesn’t tell us anything specific. The Tegra family currently includes the Tegra X1, Tegra K1, and the Tegra 4 series. It’s thought that the Switch is using a custom version of the Tegra X1, but I think there’s a good chance that it’s an X1 with the new Pascal architecture instead of the old Maxwell architecture. AnandTech, known for their expertise on electronics hardware, has a good article on the Switch with their thoughts. Since the Switch is a handheld/console hybrid, there’s no way it will be as powerful as the PS4 or the Xbox One and have a decent battery life. Honestly, that’s perfectly fine with me.

I’m planning on updating this post as we learn more about the Nintendo Switch, but depending on the amount of new information, there might be a new post. If you haven’t already, definitely check out the reveal trailer and Nintendo’s website for a bunch of pictures.

Written on October 20, 2016
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