The Golden Sun Set - Arriving Dec 25, 2019

Over the next year, I will be working on a reorchestrated album of Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age music called “The Golden Sun Set”. I’m hoping to release the album on December 25, 2019 on all of the major music platforms.

The album art is below. The album art base image was found at the URL: It is a royalty-free image that can be used for any legal purpose and can be modified. The font I used for the text in the album art is called “Elementary Gothic Bookhand” and can be used for free for commercial and non-commercial use. It can be found at the URL:

So far, it’s looking like the album will be about 41 GS/TLA songs and 5 Golden Sun: Dark Dawn songs, but the final count may change closer to release. The tentative tracklist is below. I’m planning on adding links to work-in-progress tracks on my SoundCloud as I work on the album.

  1. The Golden Sun Sets - ~12 seconds
  2. The Golden Sun Rises
  3. Walking Forward with Determination
  4. Venus Lighthouse
  5. Set Sail! Through the Karagol Sea
  6. Mars Lighthouse
  7. The First Book
  8. The Second Book
  9. Battle! [Isaac]
  10. Battle! [Felix]
  11. Jupiter Lighthouse
  12. Mercury Lighthouse
  13. Battle! [Fusion Dragon]
  14. Battle! [Saturos and Menardi]
  15. Battle! [Doom Dragon]
  16. Battle! [Agatio and Karst]
  17. Desert Heat
  18. On That Night, 3 Years Ago
  19. Sol Sanctum
  20. Ruins of Lemuria
  21. The Elemental Stars
  22. The Final Beacon
  23. Traversing Weyard
  24. The Angarian Journey
  25. Oriental
  26. Forest’s Requiem
  27. Inside the Great Gabomba
  28. Sorrow and Regret
  29. Air’s Rock
  30. Aqua Rock - WiP Nov 26
  31. Gaia Rock
  32. Magma Rock
  33. An Adept’s Home
  34. Battle! [Jenna]
  35. A Full Moon in Garoh
  36. Battle! [Saturos]
  37. Battle! [Non-Adept]
  38. Island Medley
  39. Colosso Medley
  40. Alhafra/There Goes Briggs!
  41. Page One

Dark Dawn Songs

  1. Battle! [Matthew]
  2. Battle! [Chaos Chimera]
  3. Battle! [Blados and Chalis]
  4. Battle! [Formidable Enemy]
  5. Arangoa Prelude
Written on November 26, 2018
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